Nicol Nicols

Wire Walker 

Nicol Nicols is a renowned wire walker who impresses audiences with his astonishing acrobatics on a wire. High above the audience his agility and balance will never fail to impress.


VP of Performance

Popeyito is a magically funny comedian. He is a clown who charms and entertains both old and young. Sit back and let him amuse and entertain you with his hilarious comedy!

Latoya Donnert

Horses & Ponies

Latoya Donnert presents the ponies and horses of the Magical Circus. The beauty and strength of these animals is something that should not be missed.

David Valentino


The amazing dogs presented and trained by David Valentino!

Duo Olivares

Duo silk Act

Duo Olivares are a stunning silks duo who perform impressive acrobatics high in the air. With both strength and grace, they will entertain and impress all!

Helena Polach

Football juggler

Helena Polach is one of the most unique jugglers you can find, it’s not just unusual to find a female juggler buts it’s more unusual to find a female football juggler!!, Helena is prepared to amaze the audience at the magical world of circus! 

Scott Bovelander

Bounce Ball juggler

Scott Bovelander performs intricate and impressive bounce ball juggling. His tricks astonish and excite all audiences who see him perform!

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