Sandor Donnert


Sandor Donnert is an international show director and agent who has put together shows all over the world including countries such as Germany, Spain, Scandinavia and many more. As a renowned agent for circus artists he selects and chooses acts of quality which will amaze and entertain audiences of all ages. Now he has decided to create a new show called “The Magical World of Circus” which he has created with the help and support of his family; his father Gabi, his mother Beverley and his sister Latoya. It is with great pleasure Sandor and his family welcome you to see and experience the magic... of the the Magical World of Circus!

Gabi Donnert


From the famous Donnert family from Hungary, Gabi has always supported his son in everything he does. He is very well experienced in how a circus should be run, and he has passed down all his experience and knowledge to his son, Sandor. Gabi is a key asset to the Magical World of Circus and the amalgamation of Gabi's vast experience and his son's modern knowledge, is a great combination to make a fantastic show.

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