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Enter the beautiful red and white circus tent and discover the Magical World of Circus! Take your place around the circus ring and be enchanted by award winning acrobats, animals, jugglers and comedians from all over the world.

The Spanish comedian Popeyito will take you through this magical show in which everything is possible, especially laughter! World famous juggler Helena from Czech Republic will showcase her amazing juggling skills. Watch the cute and joyful dogs of Valentino perform their great tricks with energy and joy! Nicol Nicols will surprise and amaze you with his daring and strong acrobatics on the tight wire. Horses will conquer the ring with their beautiful liberty performance presented by Latoya Donnert, and the talented Dutch Scott Bovenlander will show you his amazing and unique bounce ball juggling skills! The Magical World of Circus is a show you cannot miss!


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

enjoy a magical experience!